Uniform Policy

The School District of Philadelphia has issued a mandatory School Uniform Policy for all students enrolled in the Philadelphia Public Schools. Students must wear their school uniform each day.

The F.S. Edmonds School Uniform:

ALL students in grades Pre-K to 7th are to wear navy blue pants, skirts, or jumpers.  Students will wear shirt colors that are aligned with their grade band.

·       Pre-K to 2nd are to wear light yellow collared shirts.

·       3rd-5th are to wear light blue collared shirts.

·       6th-7th grade are to wear gray collared shirts.

·       All students in grades Pre-K to 5 can wear navy blue sweaters over their uniform shirt.

·       All students in grades 6 and 7 can wear gray sweaters over their uniform shirt.


Gym Uniform:

·       Navy blue sweatpants

·       Navy blue t-shirts or the F.S. Edmonds shirt (sold in the Main Office for $10.00)

·       Sneakers

·       If your child is not wearing sneakers on PE day they will not be permitted to participate and will receive a “0” grade for the day.


The following items are NOT permitted:

·       Hoodies of any type

·       Shorts above the knee

·       Jeans or sweatpants (sweatpants may be worn on gym days)

·       Logos on clothing

·       Sandals or flip flops

·       Wheels in sneakers